Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓
Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓
Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓
Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓
Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓
Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓

Premium Adjustable LensGlasses 👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓

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No need to spend expensive trips to optometrists anymore!
Regular glasses can get lost or break, and your prescription might also change over time! Adjustable Glasses is the world’s latest glasses that give you crystal clear vision with no prescription needed!


Simply turn the dial to adjust the lenses until your prescription is matched perfectly. You can even adjust its focus from the nearest to the farthest for crystal clear 20/20 vision in seconds.


Made of polycarbonate material and impact-resistant lenses, it has flexible frames that fit heads of all sizes and durable enough to withstand drops and accidental force


No prescription needed beforehand.
 It could be your myopia glasses, and even acting as a pair of reading glasses! No more big expenses!


  • Self-Adjustable
    You can customize for crystal clear 20/20 vision in seconds. See up close, far away, extremely close, middle distances, any distance.
  • No Prescription Needed
    Continuously adjustable magnification for a clearer vision. No prescription needed beforehand.

Ultra Durable
Impact-resistant lenses withstand all drops and accidental force.

Polycarbonate frame flexibly fits heads of all sizes.

Most Versatile 
The only pair you'll need for most activities! Give you crystal clear vision whenever you're driving, reading a book, watching TV, or more!

Crystal Clear Vision
20/20 vision, fully adjustable (-6D to +3D)



  1. Cover one eye then adjust the dial on the opposite side (the eye with visibility) E.g. Cover left the eye, adjust the right lens dial. The cover right eye, adjust left lens dial.
  2. Do adjustments on both lenses one at a time
  3. If vision is still slightly blurry, you can repeat step 3 as necessary.



  • Magnification: -6D/+3D 
  • Temple Length: 13.5cm
  • Frame Width: 13.8cm



  • 1pc X  Adjustable Glasses


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Customer service is always on par! Loved my order!

Jordan R.
Los Angeles, CA

Will always love coming back here to shop, always get great deals with unique gifts!

Mary T.
Dallas, TX

My shopping experience here has never been a bad one.

Keisha W.
Miami, FL

This is perfect for the bedside or small room. Read the description. It is a small unit so do not expect it to fill a living room. I put it my living room to test it and it did provide a hint of the aroma oil but it was when I put it in a smaller room I could really tell. I love it! Got a 2nd for my wife and she LOVES it!

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Love this company, always responsive and great shipping.

Kaysie T.
Los Angeles, CA

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